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RO Water, Zinc Oxide BP, Calamine Powder, Bio Sulphur, 1,3 Butylene GlycolBoneo Camphor, Melaleuca Alternifolia TEA Tree Oil, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate, Butylene Glycol, Fomes Officinalis Extract, Methylisothiazolinone.

A unique mushroom extract with strong and immediate astringent efficacy with great moisturizing effect. Its astringency and pore tightening effect does not dry the skin. On the contrary, LARICYL LS 8865 moisturizes the stratum corneum making the skin supple. It is recommended for the use in preparations for oily skin and moisturizing care.
Calamine Powder:

One of the main constituents of the traditional calamine lotion that is used extensively to relieve redness, stinging and irritation of the skin. Calamine powder treats the skin with a gentle toning and antiseptic action.
Bio Sulphur:

The effect against dandruff, greasy hair and oily skin is based on the content of sulfide-sulphur, which also has a fungicidal effect.
Melaleuca Alternifolia:

Can kill bacteria and fungi. It originates from the evergreen leaves of the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree. Has been used as complementary therapy in surgery, burn care, and , usually use tea tree oil to treat minor cuts, burns, mild fungal nail infections, and problems.
Boneo Camphor:

A camphor that occurs in masses in a tree (Dryobalanops aromatica) of the family Dipterocarpaceae and is used as an incense and in embalming; dextrorotatory borneol, which has germicidal & wound healing properties.