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Looking for a safe and effective complete solution for your acne proned skin?
Or are you concerned that introducing a new product into your skin regime could trigger further breakouts or inflame your skin?
Minus Kit 3 comes with Comeminus®, Xerominus® and Acneminus®, the 3 ultimate compact solution providing you a better skin in as little as 3 to 7 days. This trio works together to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, clear blemishes, prevent future breakouts, and help prevent scarring. Comeminus® helps clear and provides sebum control that causes oily, congested skin for a beautiful matte finish. Xerominus® hydrates skin under humid weather, eliminates flare-ups and prevents acne scarring by speeding up the skin healing process. Acneminus®, an advanced fast-acting acne spot treatment, acts an emergency kit, by just spotting onto acnes, helps rapidly clear and soothe the discomfort of bothersome blemishes for clearer, brighter skin in just few days.
This is no better starting point than the Orique Minus Acne Treatment Kit. When you suffer from acne breakouts, your skin loses its natural beauty as well as its ability to maintain a healthy appearance. You may choose to team up the Minus Kit 3 with our Orique Cleanser and Toner into your daily skin care regime to complete and maximize the efficiency of the acne treatment solution. Together, this set will create a healthy-looking, happy complexion.
As a starting point, Minus Mini-Kit 3
will be available in Mini Size to our
new customers. It is good in value,
convenient and travel friendly. The
petite sizes make the most convenient
travel companion and come in a
handy reusable kit box (reusable zip
lock wet pack)
Advanced Fast-Acting acne spot treatment
Acneminus® is a soothing spot treatment to eliminate breakouts and heal current blemishes. The dual effect of natural ingredients go to work treating troubled areas without irritating or harming your skin. Sebum-controlling and fast-acting.
Regulates sebum secretion
Controls and prevents further breakout
Relieve itching
Reduces inflamed acne lesions
Pore tightening
Preventing the information of scarring
Unclog pore to prevents Blackheads, Whiteheads
and Acne
Comeminus® is a natural formulation which work to
reduce the appearance of comedones (blackheads &
whiteheads). It assists in dissolving and softening
comedones and prevents new comedone formation by
loosening the follicular plug and also by reducing
sebaceous activity.
Reduces blackheads and whiteheads
Unclog pore to prevents blackheads and whiteheads
Enhance skin immune to reduce skin inflammation and sensitive
Control acne breakouts
Improve skin texture and elasticity
Reduces formation of sebum
Speeding up the acne scar healing process
Xerominus® provides light texture but efficient in immediate moisture replenishment with non sticky feel. A moisture locking technology helps your skin with better absorption when apply other skin care. A perfect skin gel with elasticity, soft to skin yet keeps skin texture smooth, flawless, vibrant & radiance.
Helps naturally maintain and restore a softer, smoother, more youthful skin texture
Reconditions thirsty skin and supports the natural renewal process
Helps delay the aging process by encouraging your skin cells to renew and rejuvenate
Helps visibly renew dry, damaged skin by reducing flaking and locking in moisture and nutrients
Soothes itchy, dry, irritated skin
Naturally lubricates your skin’s surface, giving your face a softer, smoother appearance
provides complete hydration and rejuvenates skin keeping it moist and vibrant
Soft to skin yet keeps skin texture smooth, flawless, vibrant & radiance
Exclusive Moisture Locking Technology to restore youthful skin
85% of users experienced a reduction in acne in just 7 days*
*Individual results will vary.
Study results on file. Most
users will experience a
reduction in the number of
acne lesions within 1-2 weeks.
There are three stages of acne, namely MILD, MODERATE and SEVERE
normal hair follicle
open comedo (blackhead)
close comedo (whitehead)
Comeminus® provides exfoliating for the skin’s surface while also removing the skin oil, dirts &
derbis that can created clogged pores, blackheads & whiteheads and also produce Acne
. Its
powerful formula helps to promote future skin cell turnover, enhancing your skin’s natural
resilience and beauty.
Try Minus Kit 3 Now! See an instant difference to your skin!
What Can I Expect?
Results are normally seen after about 3-7 days of consistent use, best results occur after 1 week.
One of the most common reasons for unsuccessful results is not using the products long enough or as directed. Try to avoid heavy makeup and moisturizers that are not specifically labeled as “oil-free” or “non-comedogenic”.
We’re so confident that you’ll love your Orique products!
At Orique we strongly believe in product quality and in our quality assurance processes. Try Orique for 15 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Orique Mini-Kit 3, simply return the unused portion for a full refund*
Minus Mini Kit 3
As a starting point, Minus Mini-Kit 3 will be available in Mini Size to our new customers. It is good in value, convenient and travel friendly.
  • Acneminus® 10ml
  • Comeminus® 10ml
  • Xerominus® 10ml
146.00 + 6% GST
Minus 3-Step Kit
The effective trio system, Heal acne without leaving scars, the best acne treatment ever
  • Acneminus® 30ml
  • Comeminus® 30ml
  • Xerominus® 30ml
380.90 + 6% GST
MYR 414.00
Complete Minus Kit
The 5-piece Complete Minus Kit work together synergistically. Benefit from a truly effective anti-acne system
  • Acneminus® 30ml
  • Comeminus® 30ml
  • Xerominus® 30ml
  • Orique Cleanser 120ml
  • Orique Toner 120ml
514.80 + 6% GST
MYR 572.00
Complete Minus Kit + Praventac™
The 5-piece Complete Minus Kit with Praventac work together fight acne internally and externally for effective and lasting clear skin
  • Acneminus® 30ml
  • Comeminus® 30ml
  • Xerominus® 30ml
  • Orique Cleanser 120ml
  • Orique Toner 120ml
  • Praventac™ 60caps
690.30 + 6% GST
MYR 767.00
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