Preventing wrinkles and lines


There is nothing we can do to stop the ageing process; eventually everybody will have wrinkles and lines, which become more prominent over time. However, the following steps may help slow the process down:


  • The skin and sunlight - the more the skin is exposed to the sun the faster it will age. Protecting your skin by wearing hats, protective clothing and sunscreens will reduce sunlight damage, and consequent developing of wrinkles. Remember that sunlight is a vital source of vitamin D for humans. A growing number of experts today are recommending a healthy balance of some sunlight skin exposure, while at the same time avoiding excess.

  • Moisturizers - these will not prevent the wrinkling process, but may help temporarily make tiny lines and creases less evident.

  • Smoking - smoking accelerates the ageing of skin. Even if you have been a long-term heavy smoker, giving up will help slow down the current ageing rate of your skin.

  • Sleep - although this has not been extensively clinically proven, many experts say that people who get at least 7 hours good quality sleep each day will over the long-term enjoy better physical and mental health, as well as protecting the quality of their skin.


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